The buyer Decision Process

The buyer Decision Process

Now that we have looked at the influences that affect buyers, we are ready to look at how consumers make buying decisions. The buyer decision process consists of five stages: need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, and post purchase behavior. Clearly, the buying process starts long before the actual purchase and continues long after. Marketers need to focus on the entire buying process rather than on just the purchase decision.
The figure suggests that consumers pass through all five stages with every purchase. But in more routine purchases, consumers often skip or reverse some of these stages. A woman buying her regular brand of toothpaste would recognize the need and go right to the purchase decision, skipping information search and evaluation. However, we use the model in figure because it shows all the considerations that arise when a consumer faces a new and complex purchase situation.

Buyer Decision Process
Need Recognition
Information Search
Evaluation of Alternatives
Purchase decision
Post purchase behavior

Need Recognition

The first stage of the buyer decision process, in which the consumer recognizes a problem or need

Information Search

The stage of the buyer decision process in which the consumer is aroused to search for more information; the consumer may simply have heightened attention or may go into active information search

Evaluation of Alternatives

The stage of the buyer decision process in which the consumer uses information to evaluate alternative brands in the choice set

Purchase Decision

The buyer’s decision about which brand to purchase

Post Purchase Behavior

The stage of the buyer decision process in which the consumers takes further action after purchase, based on their satisfaction or dissatisfaction


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